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Javier Vázquez

Javier Vázquez
Javier Vázquez Salceda is Associated Professor of the Software Department (LSI), at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and the Head of the Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning Group (KEMLg). 

Javier obtained an MSc degree in Computer Science at UPC in 1999. After his master studies he became research assistant in the KEMLg at UPC. In 2003 he presented his PhD dissertation "The role of Norms and Electronic Institutions in Multi-Agent Systems applied to complex domains" (at UPC, with honours). This dissertation was awarded with the 2003 ECCAI AI Dissertation Award.

From 2003 to 2005 he was researcher in the Intelligent Systems Group at Utrecht University. From May 2005 to November 2010 he was a PostDoc Researcher at UPC.

His research is focused on theoretical and applied issues of Normative Systems, software and physical agents' autonomy and social control, especially in distributed applications for complex domains such as eCommerce or Medicine.

He has been involved in several EU funded projects. He was full cordinator of the IST-CONTRACT and ALIVE projects.

More information can be found in his web page.

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