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Collaboration Environment for Strategic Innovation

The concept of Laboranova is to enable knowledge workers to share, improve and evaluate ideas systematically across teams, companies and networks, thereby increasing the innovative output of organisations far beyond performance levels today.



The project will accomplish this through an ambitious Research and Technology Development programme, which will result in new information network technologies supporting the three most important pillars in strategic innovation. That is:

Ideation Space
Improving ideas through truly collaborative workflows that will raise the cognitive capacity.

Connection Space
Connecting to the best people around and make optimal use of their competencies.

Evaluation Space
Continuously evaluating the ideas produced by using prediction markets and decision support systems.

Each pillar will be addressed through an iterative process of research, design, test and re-design. Game processes will be addressed as a horizontal dimension going through all elements.

The different applications will be integrated into a shared collaborative innovation platform by employing appropriate infrastructure integration consisting of middleware, interfaces, overarching work processes and shared standards. Demonstration activities with end-users will be conducted through dedicated living labs, working as disruptive sites for innovative work and organizational change processes.