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Enabling and Supporting Provenance in Grids for Complex Problems

The Provenance Project has defined an open provenance architecture, an architecture for provenance systems, based on an open data model, allowing explicit documentation of past processes to be expressed, and a set of public interfaces allowing the creation, recording and querying of such process documentation. The Provenance project also produced a software implementation of this architecture, its integration with several Grid toolkits, as well as a series of tools operating against its open interfaces and data models. Such an approach offers multiple benefits to the users who have interacted with a deployment of the provenance architecture, including medical users and users in the aerospace domain.


During the project, several articles were published in the press describing various aspects of the project. Below we list these articles. The list is extracted from the complete project bibliography, the numbering reflects the positions of the articles in this main list.

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In this link there is listed the complete bibliography from the Provenance Project (deliverables, open specificaction documents, publications, talks and press articles).